Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My wonderful Nephews

This past summer 2 of my wonderful nephews, (yes Gary and Kenny, I mean you) came and spent some time at my house. We learned a couple of things. 1)Aunt Patti means it when she says go wash. 2) Even sisters don't cook the same. 3) I ain't as young as I used to be. (Now boys, down where it says comments you can type in something in response, tell me something you learned.)
We did lots of things in short amount of time. One of the things we did was go to Desoto Falls in mountains. That was a great day. Being in Florida, mountains are a big change for them. Really though I loved having them and hope to again. I think it will be more fun if we can do one on one though. It is also going to have to be when they are able to stay by themselves during daytime. With me working and not having any older kids at home anymore, I just don't have anyway to take care of them. I felt really bad when my promised sitter canceled and I had no other options. Taking them home a few days early was not in my plans and was something I so hated doing. I hope they had a good time and want to come back though.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Wonderful Day at Knit In

Had a wonderful day at the knit-in. We had a fall pot luck. All finger foods. I took my pumpkin bread and it was a big hit. Will have to take the recipe next time as several asked for it.
Lots of good food, friends and knitting. I shared my Jan Messent and Jean Greenhowe books. They really seemed to go over well, sure got lots of comments. Many are intrigued but think they would be too hard to do. They aren't, most things are very easy. They are fun books though. I think the 'Knitted Castle' went over best. I can already see ideas turning. And one wrote down names to see of she could find. Jan Messent is out of print, but you can find them if you keep hunting. I also shared my koolaid dyed yarn. They had fun with that as well.
Worked on poncho. Coming along really nice. I hope to have it finished before my weekend trip to Aunties'. I want to work on either one of boys hat/mitten sets or else my cottage socks. Will see, depends on my mood when I am ready to go.
Went to dentist yesterday for my tooth I broke on Thursday. Looks like I won't have to have it pulled. I am glad, I need something to eat with. It now has a temporary filling and I go back on 18th. They are going to have to cap it so hope that goes well.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Baking day

I started a bit of my holiday baking today. I like to do a little each week and freeze ahead. Makes it much easier and lots less pressure later. Made 5 loaves of banana bread and 4 loaves of pumpkin bread. Pumpkin bread and one loaf of banana bread have homes or are being eaten, but at least I have put a little bit of stuff up. It is always especially nice to bring it all out when I have company and then I don't have to do any work.
I know when Joy and her family come it will be good to have stuff done up for the kids. I want to bake Christmas cookies also so the kids will ahve some to decorate. I sure have plenty of stuff for decorating with and it needs used up anyway.
Still knittiing on poncho, although not much this weekend. Everytime I get it out I get called away to do a million things. Oh well, will get done sooner or later. Although hoping for sooner.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fall Festival

Didn't do much knitting today. Today is the day of our annual Fall Festival. We so look forward to going every year. Lots of crafts, food and also a few animals.
No knitting there, but one booth of crocheted ponchos and afghans. I went by the 4-H animal area. Very small but there is usually a sheep or two. This year a sweet pair, freshly shorn and soft of course. I love petting them and they were very lovable and enjoyed it. I am thinking of getting a couple for myself sometime. I've seen pics of some Miniature Babydoll sheep that are adorable. They have little koala like faces and at maximum height of knee high seems good to me. Their wool is graded from Good to Fine so am thinking about it. But as a reare breed are costly. Will see. Who knows what I might do.
Ate too much at festival as usual. Food is so good there and no sense on being on a diet. Oh well, plenty to do tomorrow. Baking, cooking, laundry. It never ends. At least I can get in a little knitting time, or so I hope.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Poncho Universe & Knitters from UK

Been busy knitting in poncho universe. I find when tired and sore that these at least make mindless knitting. I have promised myself to work on this for entire weekend. Am about 1/3 done with the current size small adult one, so am hoping with diligent work I can get it done. Am looking forward to finishing it and delivering it for use.
I have decided to master kitchener once and for all and yesterday knit sample in round so I can do it. I did it in worsted weight for practice. Once I get the technique down, it should be just fine to switch to small needles and sock yarn. At least scrap yarns are good for something.
I also am getting rid of a bunch of red heart yarn. A good size box will be going to the center on aging in Athens. Will be sending fabric their way also as soon as I get it sorted. I need to make headway in this pile or will never get to use my craft room.
Mittens and gloves for the kids will be on needles next week. Until then it is pink ponchos and some baking this weekend.
I won my ebay auction for Knitters magazine. It has a georgous sweater pattern in it that I really would like to make for myself. I saw it being worked on by Laura. She is making it for her mother and I just wish I could adopt her. The advantage of being able to knit is I can do it myself. I also have seen a beautiful knitted dress on back cover of Hot Knits. The girl would look great in it and would sure love it. I am going to think about that one after first of year also. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! That list just keeps getting longer. Well, off to do some knitting.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Winter Set completed

I completed the Winter set for my niece today. Yoppee! I think I will do a twisted cord for between them to go through the sleeves of her jacket. Will help keep her from losing them. I really like how they turned out. I only hope they fit. I know she will like the color.
The mittens knit up pretty fast. I knit the second mitten at Knit-in this evening. This Bernat Denim is a nice yarn. Really soft and works up really well. I don't think it will need any blocking.
We are having a pot luck at Knit in next week. I think I am going to take some pumkin bread and cream cheese. I do so love it this time of year.
I received the Neverending Card this time around. Got it back off right away. Guess I can't tell who to. Wouldn't want to give the surprise away. They asked who sent it to me and I just can't remember. Will have to ask whomever gets it next as I just can't remember.

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Lacee's Hat and Part of First mitten Posted by Hello

Knitting & Car

I got a good bit done yesterday. I did end up frogging the hat for niece and starting over. Much simpler design and I really like it. Completed hat and one of the mittens. Also completed three more pattern repeats on poncho. Coming along very well. I really do like the yarn and it has a nice soft comfy feel to them.
J came for dinner last night. Sure was nice to have her. Her father took her to look at a car. We had already seen it and needed for her to check it out. She really likes it so B is having our mechanic check it out before we actually buy it. With used cars you do want to be sure. Especially with a young driver that doesn't have a clue. She will learn about all kinds of things coming up on it. We do know it needs 2 new back tires. Engine looks nice and clean and seems to of been well maintained. Is a 95 Nissan Altima. Has 149,000 miles, but with most foreign cars they take the miles much better than the American made ones. I think it will be a good little car for her. It is the first one in 2 mths that B said he would consider.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Where there is a will...

Where there is a will, there is a way. The thought of 6 weeks with no knitting is too distressing to bear. I could see teetering levels in my blood pressure, my cholesterol and my temper. So now that swelling is down. I sat and worked at it till I figured out I could knit. And still getting same tension as before so that is good. Not quite as fast, but that list has to be reached and worked on somehow. The previous hat I started for my niece in Mexican Wave, has gone to the frog pond. Besides turning out too big, I was not happy with the color lay out and think the yarn will be batter for a diagonal scarf. So I went and found in my stash (Yippee) a skein of Bernat Denim in the pink color. I have started again and really like this yarn for this. I do think the pattern I am working isn't right yet, so below pic will go to frog pond and be started over in new stitch pattern. I am making up my own pattern, so I guess a few restarts are not too worrisome.
Also am continueing to work on the pink ponchos, picture is of #4 in the works. I am trying to work on it diligently and then reward myself with a bit of other knitting at end of every day. Just enough to get me off the pink and not get sick of it. At least I am knitting some and on Monday I should get this blasted hand splint off and be able knit better, although I will still have the finger splint. Ant least with swelling down it hurts a ton less.

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Winter Hat Posted by Hello

Friday, October 15, 2004

What a day!

What a day! Sure is a good thing I didn't work today or I would still be sitting in line somewhere waiting to get it all done. I was SUPPOSED to get a 3 day weekend and spent most of today doing errands and it looks like tomorrow will be the same, errands and cleaning.
Started with DH calling me at 8:00 on the dot. The nerve, just because I am up every weekday at 4:30 does not mean that I am not entitled to a day of sleeping in just a little bit.
"Call the dr for me." Now, he finally showed me this big red angry looking lump on inside of right elbow on Wednesday. I immediately said, cellulitis, call dr and go in, will only get worse. Does it hurt? Obviously not enough to make him call. Thursday night, he shows me again. "Do you think I should do something to it?" Call the dr is bad looking and very red. You are going to have a big problem if you don't. This morning (finally he decides to go) he asks me to call. So, dummy me, I do. They are walking in door and I get them and answering service both. Can't hear so I have to redial. I tell them what is up and they say, get in here and let me look at it now. So I call DH back and get "I don't know if I can leave now." "Well, call them back yourself and tell them when you can, I can't answer for you if you won't listen." So, he actually calls me back, can you meet me there. I don't know what he is going to do and you may need to drive. So, no shower, throw on clothers and run out door to his rescue. He didn't need me, but it was cellulitis and at least he is on antibiotics for it now.
Quick look at clock tells me I am late and have to pick up the girl and take her to work. It will be so good when she gets HER OWN CAR! I make it and even get her to work on time. Now I must wait for her to get her paycheck and give to me, so I can deposit at bank for her. She has no car and no way to bank, so mom must do. At least it is the same payday as mine and I use same bank.
I go by work and get my check, and slam hand in car door. Now when finger is as big around as a soda bottle, something is wrong. Back to dr, go get x-ray, broke the D@#$ thing. I could of told them that already. Too swollen to tape so they immobolize the whole hand. YUCK! It is now 12:30 and I am starving.
But off to the bank, forever trying to sign my check, finally went in to the girl who knows me and let her see my hand and write my initials and deposit, and even got a bit back for me. I gotta eat after all. So off to gas station as car is running on fumes. Now to go pick up lunch and take to the girl. She can't go hungry, heaven forbid. I eat too while in car.
Off to yarn store to get that wonderful yarn I wanted for nephew's hat. Only, I forgot to check, isn't machine washable so get something else. Mexican Wave in Blue Royal. I think it will work nice. They didn't have my metal size 5 dpns so I run back out. I was there maybe ten minutes. My only ten minutes for me all day.
Down street to get oil change. DH wants it done at 10 minute place. Fine - does he realize they are more expensive, probably not, but I don't care, I just want it done and no one else had an appt time open. Took 45 minutes.
Now I understand that there was a car in bay ahead of me, but this is ten minutes right. So even at 15 apiece I should of been gone. I run by dept store to get a new dishpan to replace one I gave to Jean from under sink in bathroom. I use it often and want one around. Finally I can go home and get some knitting done. I walk in door at home and it is 3:45. Where did my day go, don't they realize I still have stuff to do around here.
I call DH to let him know I am home. "I am leaving here now if you want a ride back home you have to take your car back up to the girl now. She needs it tonight." Can I at least unload my stuff first. Well, threw part of it in the front door and off I went. I get there and the girl says 'why didn't you just stay here?' I give scathing look and am glad no one else is around as I try to reach for her hair. She is on to me though and knows she doesn't want to be bald. DH comes in 10 minutes later carrying cup of cappuchino from my favorite place. "Where you been? I've been waiting for you" And the cup was empty, he drank it. Grrrrrrrrrr!
So while I got nothing much done today I have driven 80 miles and lost my temper 3 times. I think a hot soak is in order. And then to relax. Only one problem, I CANNOT KNIT!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It ate it

I didn't doublecheck last night, but looks like my blog ate my post. It may show up next week, but if after 24 hours then I bet it is gone.
I had a wonderful time at the knit-in last evening. It runs from 4 to 8 on Tuesday's and she doesn't care that I come early. I get off work at 2:30 and it is just down the street from work. If I come home first it is half an hour each way and not worth it. She has a good diverse group of kniters, I am really enjoying the time with each and getting to know new ones. She has nobody with any sockknitting experience and the previous owner had taught sock knitting. So those that had begun learning to knit them are now just plain stuck. The store has only been open about a year now, and is the only store in our area at all worth mentioning. So as I knit socks, there are a couple who brought their unfinished projects to me and had me help them. It was fun for me and I really enjoy helping them. The owner has also asked if I would be interested in teaching a sock class.
I am rather flattered to be asked. The extra money for my vacation next spring will be nice. I think I will do it, but have lots to prepare for. We talked about waiting till after Christmas. That gives everyone time to finish projects that they have going for Christmas too. I also want to make up a few sample socks of my own work for sharing. I also think that doing one with the different parts in different colors would be good for explaining what I am doing in each step.
Classes will be three hours long, so I think doing a small sock would be the best way to go. This way they can see, do and get help through all the steps of making a sock. Then they can go home and repeat process with their own sizing. I also plan on continuing with the Knit-ins and can always finish up. Also she mentioned the possibility of a follow-up class for anyone needing/wanting additional help. I think dpns are the way to go. Later maybe a demo night for 2 socks on 2 circs.

Project update

I want to try and update this list of projects again. (Until I can get it added as a constant list at side. I so need to learn even a bit of html) * means in progress, # means deadline, if in red then is new addition and I need to be careful how it grows.

*Bright Socks for me (Completed)
*Cottage Socks for me, my own design
*#Mittens for Jeannie for Christmas (Only one left, have already done cuff)
Thistle Sweater for me
*#Chris's Quilt Graduation- already 3 yrs late
#Hand Warmers for Trina
#Tea Cozy for Jean at Christmas
*#3 Blankets for Dorm before winter (sewn from fleece)
*Red, White, Blue Afghan
*Sweater for Jean
4 pair booties/baby socks for girls at work having babies (one pair completed)
1 more pair booties for another new baby at work (NOTE: don't drink the water)
*Coaster Sets for Christmas
3 more ponchos for girls --- (Am I nuts --- all of them pink)
1 more poncho (at least blue this time)
*Booga Bag purple, teal, gray and pink stripe -- ( I need something quick to work on and break up the monotony of pink)
#4 hat & Mitten sets for niece & nephews by Thankgiving

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

new sock teacher?

wonderful evening at the Knit-in. I really do enjoy that group. It is fun for me to get out with knitters on a regular basis like this. I have been able to help someone a little bit and that makes it doubly good for me. Nobody else really is big on sock making and the previous owner was, so all those that were learning or want to are stuck.
The new owner has asked if I would be interested in teaching a sock class sometime. I said I would think about it, but probably not till after Christmas. Everyone is busy with getting their Christmas presents done now anyway, so I think January will be a better month for it anyway. Would be good to make a bit extra for vacation in spring and then my trip to Ireland & Scotland in 2005.
Will have to lay out some serious plans and really get hopping as I want to have a few of my own samples around for use and all. I think I will knit a sock with all the different parts a different color. It would make it easier to show what they are trying to achieve. Other part is do we want to do an adult sock or do we want to do a small size footie that will show all necessary parts in a 3 hour class. I think a small sock in 3 hours is do-able. That way they can get help with all parts and know what they need to accomplish socks on their own. Plus she said maybe a follow-up class for anyone who needs it. Besides if I am at knit-ins then they can always come then too. Woo Hoo!
Now to go hunt up all my yarns. I need some good hat and mitten colors for the kids. I have lots to do and I better get cracking.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Clown socks

Picture of my finished clown socks. Sure glad to get them done.
Do you think "I need to knit" is a good work excuse. I really wish it was. I sure could use some more knitting time. At least tomorrow is the group at Cat's Meow. I really enjoyed their company and knitting together with everybody. I know this is a short note, but I want to knit and that is a good excuse for getting off puter, so see you later.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

What a wonderful week-end. I finished my clown socks yesterday. I am so glad for that. I get real bored doing stockinette stitch projects and I think that is why I spent forever doing these socks. I even put them up for a couple months one time. I will kitchner tomorrow afternoon and then get a picture for here.
I also bought a mess of winter clothes for my nephew. He really needs some coming up here real soon, so I was lucky at a church yard sale. Got him 2 grocery bags worth for $2. All brand new looking or almost and exactly the right size. Didn't find any knitting stuff though. Darn!
Today my dear husband and I took day and went up to mountains. Walked around Dahlonega and drove around looking at scenery. Stopped at pumpkin farms and apple orchards. Found fried pies --yum (though they really do nothing good for my hips) and really had a good time. Napped in car on way home.
Really wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. Life is too short and I didn't get anything done this weekend. I still have laundry to finish and everything.

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Georgia Evening Sky Posted by Hello

Georgia Sky

See my Sky shot. I took a sky pic this evening to share as Sandy asked for it. Not much really but here in the south we are just glad that there is no hurricane. Finished toe on sock. WHOO HOO! Have one more toe to go. Will be glad when it is finished. And I am going to master kitchner this time. I have been doing it right but I tend to puul too tight. Will watch myself and make sure I am not playing games with myself. I think I have decided I like the modified square heal. Jury still out on it. And I did heal flap for 2 3/4 inches, I think 2 1/2 will be better. won't know till I actually wear them so will see with time. If you knit socks you do want to get pattern down to fit you just perfect. Custom made socks for you feet, nothing finer and your feet deserve it.
Going to start hats for nephews this weekend. Will look through yarn and see what colors I have. Need 2 shades of blue for oldest 2 and then Duck colors for baby. Lacee bug I haven't made my final decision yet. Well off to finish sock and hunt through stash for colors. At least this way stash will get used up.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Devon exploring something new. Posted by Hello

Quiet Day

Not much happening today. Worked a ten hour day and then came home and napped. Shame on me, but those longer days take more out of me than they used to. My bones are getting older way too soon these days. Just going to take it easy tonight and rest up.
I did deliver two of the ponchos I made. Big Grin for me. I always love it when I can share a project. I knit because I enjoy it, and though people ask, I won't do it for pay. Or if I do, I will definitely charge a high price to make up for it. That way at least I get something as it can become a chore.
Debiknits -- the sock yarn is color 5048. I knew they were called clown, and Liz has a pair and knew the color number. Thanks Liz!
Sharing another picture today. My nephew at 2. Isn't the world of learning fun?
Oh and before I forget. It is my son's birthday. Happy Birthday son. 23 yrs old. I enjoyed that age. Hope he is too.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New Knit Group and Comments

Thanks for the nice comments I've been getting.
Liz -- not 48 hour days, but 10 day weeks.
Debiknits -- I can't find the label right now (it is stash someplace) is yarn I bought about year and half or so ago though. I have been enjoying these socks and they have been my traveling knitting project for some time. I don't know if I lost the label or if I just put it somewhere. If I ever find it, I will post it, but who knows when.
I have gotten both socks to start of toes. YIPPEE! Always goes fast for me at this point. I do so love to finish projects. Besides they have been on needles for way too long. This pair has taken me longer than any others I have done. I have even made afghans in less time. Will get to work on my cottage socks that I am designing. Will let you know as I go how that comes out.
Also went to Knit-in at my local yarn store. They have them every Tuesday from 4 to 8. I went last year a couple times, but wasn't so fun then. Store now has a new owner and was a blast. I always meant to go back and try them out, but with working long hours, my surgery last winter, and now hip and back, I was either too tired or hurt to much to want to go back out. Felt not so bad today and really enjoyed it. Hope to go to more of them, especially as Bill is at martial arts classes on that night.
Anyone understand this add-on things. I would like to put my comment things on side somehow and be able to answer that way. Also I want to put a list of current projects. This way I hope to keep them in mind and get more accomplished. I have lots to do and little time to do in, so better hurry and keep knitting. Anyone with advice, it wuld be appreciated from this computer illiterate tinker.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Regia Socks Been my travel work for awhile.  Posted by Hello

Booga BAg in purple, fuschia, gray, and teal. Posted by Hello

Knitting away

Trying to take a small break away from pink poncho-itis. Why do they all want pink? So I started a Booga Bag in purple, fuschia, gray, and teal. I like the colors and this is my first felting project.
I also worked on pair of Regia socks while in Drs office. Didn't have my usual long wait though, so not as much done as I hoped. Only about 15 more rows on one sock then will be starting the toes.
At Adventurous Stitches we are posting stitch patterns that we are using and so I swatched one in a mint green for photo to include. Is called a Lacy Rib, or at least that is what we are calling it.
I need to go ahead and cast on for another poncho, think I will make other knitting a bit of reward if I need a break from pink again. Seems like a lot of dribble for nothing.
Dr appt went well. Sending me back to ENT for another hearing test. It has been a couple years and it is getting difficult at times to tell what people are saying. Time for a re-check. Last time wasn't good and it has been a few years. If I have to wear a hearing aid then at least I will be able to hear.
Heard from my Marine son last night just as I was going to get on hear and write a bit. Not much new. Typical gov't style, some idiot forgot to send his paperwork in so he isn't getting out in Oct, he will be waiting till November. He says he should be home for his sis's birthday (Nov 25) at latest. Had a good visit with him. Am looking forward to his homecoming.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Project List Update/Collections

I have to figure out how to list this on side so I can see readily. I also thought it was time to revisit the list as it constantly changes and you never know what trouble I might get into.
As always * means in progress, # means deadline, if in red then is new addition and I need to be careful how it grows.

*Bright Socks for me
*Cottage Socks for me, my own design
*#Sweater for Genesis ASAP (completed but did not like, going to Goodwill and will come up with something new.)
#Poncho (Was a Sweater, her mum changed my mind) for Gracie birthday - Dec 17 (Completed)
*#Mittens for Jeannie for Christmas
Thistle Sweater for me
*#Chris's Quilt Graduation- already 3 yrs late
#Hand Warmers for Trina
#Tea Cozy Jean for Christmas
*#3 Blankets for Dorm before winter
*Red, White, Blue Afghan
*Sweater for Jean
4 pair booties/baby socks for girls at work having babies (one pair completed)
#7 sets napkins for Christmas presents
*Coaster Sets for Christmas
Poncho for Lacee --- completed
Poncho for Shay --- completed
Poncho for Precious --- completed
3 more ponchos for girls --- (Am I nuts --- all of them pink)
*Booga Bag purple, teal, gray and pink stripe -- ( I need something quick to work on and break up the monotony of pink)
#4 hat & Mitten sets for niece & nephews

There. Next list will have all current completed items removed and hopefully I can quit adding before Christmas. Or else I will be in trouble.

I was also wondering about my stash. I was wondering if I could guess how many skeins of yarn I own, but then that would mean I have to get it all out and count it. While I might enjoy seeing it spread all out at once, my DH would have a fit. There is too much there and really it needs to get used. LIke my fabric stash which vastly outweighs an elephant. And the bead stash. I think I should re-name everything. I am a collector. I collect yarn, fabric, beads, craft tools & gadgets, snowglobes, postcards, elephant figurines (with trunk raised), and cookbooks. And maybe I should add dust bunnies (big enough to make the Easter Bunny proud).

Friday, October 01, 2004

Yarn Additions

I finally took a picture of some of my yarn I bought this past weekend. I still have another yarn, but will take a pic of it later. Nothing too fancy but a few things I like. I am currently on a yarn diet so have to be a bit good. I am planning on trip in Spring to spend with my Aunt and other knitters. I definitely want to be able to shop then.
My DS called and some idiot did not turn his paperwork in as they should have and so he won't be released from Marines until November instead of October. He still plans on helping his handicapped friend move, so may not make it home for Thanksgiving. I hope so but understand his position. Besides, he has been away several times and the world hasn't ended because of it.
I did finish 4th poncho. Whew! Glad that one is done. I am starting getting a little bit tired of pink, but do love the feel of the yarn.
I have started a Booga Bag. purple, gray, and Teal. I of course have changed it some. Started with 44 sts instead of 34. I want a bigger size and plan on making it my own anyway. Also debating on adding a flap to it too. Would love to see other completed Booga Bags. Love to see color combinations and all they have done.

Future baby sweater and socks.  Posted by Hello