Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Project update

I want to try and update this list of projects again. (Until I can get it added as a constant list at side. I so need to learn even a bit of html) * means in progress, # means deadline, if in red then is new addition and I need to be careful how it grows.

*Bright Socks for me (Completed)
*Cottage Socks for me, my own design
*#Mittens for Jeannie for Christmas (Only one left, have already done cuff)
Thistle Sweater for me
*#Chris's Quilt Graduation- already 3 yrs late
#Hand Warmers for Trina
#Tea Cozy for Jean at Christmas
*#3 Blankets for Dorm before winter (sewn from fleece)
*Red, White, Blue Afghan
*Sweater for Jean
4 pair booties/baby socks for girls at work having babies (one pair completed)
1 more pair booties for another new baby at work (NOTE: don't drink the water)
*Coaster Sets for Christmas
3 more ponchos for girls --- (Am I nuts --- all of them pink)
1 more poncho (at least blue this time)
*Booga Bag purple, teal, gray and pink stripe -- ( I need something quick to work on and break up the monotony of pink)
#4 hat & Mitten sets for niece & nephews by Thankgiving


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