Tuesday, October 12, 2004

new sock teacher?

wonderful evening at the Knit-in. I really do enjoy that group. It is fun for me to get out with knitters on a regular basis like this. I have been able to help someone a little bit and that makes it doubly good for me. Nobody else really is big on sock making and the previous owner was, so all those that were learning or want to are stuck.
The new owner has asked if I would be interested in teaching a sock class sometime. I said I would think about it, but probably not till after Christmas. Everyone is busy with getting their Christmas presents done now anyway, so I think January will be a better month for it anyway. Would be good to make a bit extra for vacation in spring and then my trip to Ireland & Scotland in 2005.
Will have to lay out some serious plans and really get hopping as I want to have a few of my own samples around for use and all. I think I will knit a sock with all the different parts a different color. It would make it easier to show what they are trying to achieve. Other part is do we want to do an adult sock or do we want to do a small size footie that will show all necessary parts in a 3 hour class. I think a small sock in 3 hours is do-able. That way they can get help with all parts and know what they need to accomplish socks on their own. Plus she said maybe a follow-up class for anyone who needs it. Besides if I am at knit-ins then they can always come then too. Woo Hoo!
Now to go hunt up all my yarns. I need some good hat and mitten colors for the kids. I have lots to do and I better get cracking.


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