Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Quiet Day

Not much happening today. Worked a ten hour day and then came home and napped. Shame on me, but those longer days take more out of me than they used to. My bones are getting older way too soon these days. Just going to take it easy tonight and rest up.
I did deliver two of the ponchos I made. Big Grin for me. I always love it when I can share a project. I knit because I enjoy it, and though people ask, I won't do it for pay. Or if I do, I will definitely charge a high price to make up for it. That way at least I get something as it can become a chore.
Debiknits -- the sock yarn is color 5048. I knew they were called clown, and Liz has a pair and knew the color number. Thanks Liz!
Sharing another picture today. My nephew at 2. Isn't the world of learning fun?
Oh and before I forget. It is my son's birthday. Happy Birthday son. 23 yrs old. I enjoyed that age. Hope he is too.


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