Monday, October 04, 2004

Knitting away

Trying to take a small break away from pink poncho-itis. Why do they all want pink? So I started a Booga Bag in purple, fuschia, gray, and teal. I like the colors and this is my first felting project.
I also worked on pair of Regia socks while in Drs office. Didn't have my usual long wait though, so not as much done as I hoped. Only about 15 more rows on one sock then will be starting the toes.
At Adventurous Stitches we are posting stitch patterns that we are using and so I swatched one in a mint green for photo to include. Is called a Lacy Rib, or at least that is what we are calling it.
I need to go ahead and cast on for another poncho, think I will make other knitting a bit of reward if I need a break from pink again. Seems like a lot of dribble for nothing.
Dr appt went well. Sending me back to ENT for another hearing test. It has been a couple years and it is getting difficult at times to tell what people are saying. Time for a re-check. Last time wasn't good and it has been a few years. If I have to wear a hearing aid then at least I will be able to hear.
Heard from my Marine son last night just as I was going to get on hear and write a bit. Not much new. Typical gov't style, some idiot forgot to send his paperwork in so he isn't getting out in Oct, he will be waiting till November. He says he should be home for his sis's birthday (Nov 25) at latest. Had a good visit with him. Am looking forward to his homecoming.


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