Friday, October 01, 2004

Yarn Additions

I finally took a picture of some of my yarn I bought this past weekend. I still have another yarn, but will take a pic of it later. Nothing too fancy but a few things I like. I am currently on a yarn diet so have to be a bit good. I am planning on trip in Spring to spend with my Aunt and other knitters. I definitely want to be able to shop then.
My DS called and some idiot did not turn his paperwork in as they should have and so he won't be released from Marines until November instead of October. He still plans on helping his handicapped friend move, so may not make it home for Thanksgiving. I hope so but understand his position. Besides, he has been away several times and the world hasn't ended because of it.
I did finish 4th poncho. Whew! Glad that one is done. I am starting getting a little bit tired of pink, but do love the feel of the yarn.
I have started a Booga Bag. purple, gray, and Teal. I of course have changed it some. Started with 44 sts instead of 34. I want a bigger size and plan on making it my own anyway. Also debating on adding a flap to it too. Would love to see other completed Booga Bags. Love to see color combinations and all they have done.


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