Thursday, September 16, 2004

Natures Song.

Storm Ivan has inspired a small poem with a little encouragement from a friend.

Trees dancing like natives
Wind creating a melody
A constant beat of rain
The lyrics of my needles
As I try to keep time to natures song

Does seam that way. Several tornados. One touched down mile or so from here but it was in an unpopulated area, so all safe. One supposedly in downtown Athens, haven't confirmed so will wait and see. Guess I ought to call my daughter at university and make sure she is fine.
Will be keeping busy and quiet. May just take a nap and go to bed early.
Have cancelled my trip to visit my aunt. Not a good idea to be driving through it all after it leaves here. Once is enough and I don't need to be a glutton for punishment. Well, off to make dinner and eat in case power goes out. Don't need to wait till too late.


Blogger sjb said...

That is a wonderful Poem.
My DD and Grandbaby live it Pensacola FL. Terrible devistation there.

9:41 AM  

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