Wednesday, September 01, 2004

LIghtning Strikes

Long week this week. Monday we got hit by lightning --- twice. Definitely no fun. I am currently working off Bill's (husband's) work computer while mine is in Bill's shop for repairs. We had damage to two computers and Link switch and hub for dsl. Also our tv blew. And boy did it make a noise. I am just glad the thing didn't blow up.
On the bright side. Dear husband can do his magic on puters and tv was 18 years old anyway. It was still our main tv, but then we were talking about having it replaced. I'm told they come in color now and have something called a remote. LOL
Seriously, we had color and remote, but the picture quality and all has sure come a long way in the last few years.
On a knitting note. I have almost completed my baby sweater. Have all pieces done, just in process of sewing them all together. Add the collar and will be set to go.
I found a lovely red and white eyelash yarn in Hobby Lobby the other day so have completed a scarf for one of my co-workers for Christmas. It looks like peppermint candy to me. Yum. I paired it with Caron's Simply Soft in white and am real happy with it. I may have to try it with a red yarn also. Cast on 20 sts with size 11 needles. Works up quick and easy.
Had physical therapy today. Boy did they work me hard today. I got about 5 new additional exercises and I am pooped. My arms and legs and shoulders really ache. But at least it isn't my back. Will have to wait till my other puter is back up before I post a pic of it. All my software is connected to it and I really can't put it on Bill's computer. Too much stuff and he begins to get upset.
TaTa til later. Patti


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