Saturday, August 28, 2004

Beginning Something New

Planning and beginning anything new is half the work to getting it done. But then is a journal or blog ever done? Even when there are gaps of time, it is always there, waiting and knowing you will be back someday.
I have kept a journal since I was 13 yrs old. Less regular since I was 20, but still have off and on. Always there to look back on. 100 yrs from now they will just be a bit of some old ramblings, but for now they keep me in contact with myself and what I have going on in my life.
Currently working on a baby sweater. I am hoping to have it finished this weekend. Or at least the bulk of it. Is a gift for my nieces first granddaughter. I am making a 12 mth size. Hoping she will get some use out of it this winter.
I found the pattern 'Hearts in the Right Place' in a Leisure Arts book 'Sweaters for a Lifetime'. Not complicated at all, just a small bit of intarsia and some color blocking really.
Well, off to rest my back. I do too much and get more pain flare ups. Sure hope this heals soon. I am getting tired of the thing being so irritating.


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