Monday, September 06, 2004

Computer back.

Well, finally got my computer back and running. Sure glad to have it back. Still missing a few things and need to tweak it all back to the way I want it, but that is the little stuff. B had to wipe and restart everything, but was able to save all my bookmarks and important stuff. All back and saved so no problems. Sure am glad to have it back. We still have to get a new TV, but there is no real hurry for that.
J had surprise birthday party for her friend here last night. She cooked and cleaned up and everything. I was real pleased she did it. I gave scarf I knitted this week to L for birthday. She really liked and it was definitely in her colors.
I finished booties and except for blocking and buttons, baby sweater is done too. I will try to post pics. First time for posting pics so hope it works.
Long day at work tomorrow. Have large workload. Hope we get it all done.


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