Friday, September 03, 2004


Seems like all I do is worry lately. Hurricane Francis is fixing to hit my sisters again. Right after Hurricane Charley did his bit. S is staying at work and says, when you have already lost everything, it doesn't really matter as long as you stay safe. She has a point, but still makes me worry. T, her daughter has evacuated to Clermont. I hope she stays safe and sound. Will be glad to hear. J and her family are staying home for this one. I don't see it, but they want to stick it out. Even with Andrew a few years ago that got hit with a couple tornados and some flooding. Pretty rough then, but they were alright.
Cousins and all in Datona are going to get clobbered it looks like too. All I can do is worry. Well, worry makes for fast knitting. That and no tv or anything. I have completed scarf and sweater and starting another sweater. I may actually get this done in record time. Seems like little else to do.
B took J out to look at car. I hope they found something. She will definitely be glad to do her own driving and will be easier than me toting her everywhere. She rides bus when she can but it don't come home to do laundry or runn on Sundays. As fall gets here whe will work on Sundays again and need her transportation. We are putting in 1000, her 1000, and then she is going to finance the rest. B is co-signing. It will give her a chance to build up a little credit and be good for her. Plus this way we aren't giving it to her, she is really doing most of it.
Well, enough for now. Talk tomorrow. Patti


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