Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Neverending Lists

Did absolutely no knitting or other crafting at all in last few days. Boy, I really need to get cracking on my 'list'. You know, that list that never ends of projects to get done. Seems like I never make headway and that it gets longer all the time.
I think I will work on poncho pattern tonight. I really want to get it done for my niece for 'our' birthday in December. It is worsted weight yarn in simple acrylic -- Caron's Simply Soft. Nice and soft for child and yet wears well for durability, just as important for a small child. She lives in Maine so will get good use out of it and at 2 yrs is a good way to get something on them on those slightly cool days or even inside during winter.
Tropical Storm Francis hit in night last night. Downed 3 trees, albeit small ones, and took several branches off a couple larger trees. Woke me up at 3:30 am with it's steady howling. I don't know how my sis's in Florida could sleep with all that wind going on. All is well though and they are fine. I'm definitely glad.
Everyone hears about the cute things little children do. My 5 yr old niece Lacee sat at window in front room during Hurricane and sang for half an hour, "Rain, Rain, go away, Little Lacee wants to play." Wish I could of seen that. I'm sure it was a hoot, especially with news report for it being played in background. Well, sun is out for them today so I hope she gets to 'play'.
Well, off to another neverending list -- household chores, ---- you know, laundry, dishes ....
See ya, Patti


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