Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Just Rambles

Wonder how I like this font. Will try it and see. My favorite for most things is Comic Sans, but don't have that here.
Had long day at work today. Didn't get off till 10:30 pm. Considering I usually work 6 am to 2 pm, was wore out. Have to be back in tomorrow at 6 am though. Weather permitting that is.
They have already closed schools around area tomorrow. I think they are a bit ahead of themselves but am glad to see them err on side of safety, especially with our communities children. Hurricane Ivan is sure a doosy and really glad I don't live in coastal area. 300 miles inland and we are still going to get a big wallop from it. All I can do is pray for those who are close to it. Cast on for another poncho for one of my co-workers children. I have orders for 5 already. Was surprised, but they are cute and I enjoy doing they. Big needles do make it go fast. The Caron Simply Soft is good yarn for this. Very soft, easy wearing and washable. Besides, why use expensive fancy yarns for something that will be out of style next week.
Am tired so going to call it a night. Will see if I can't get pics up tomorrow evening. Now that I got everything working again.


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