Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Starting Poncho

Tired this evening and need to get some sleep. I have to go into work early in morning --- 5 o'clock early. I have committed myself to getting the ribbing for neck edge on poncho for my niece Gracie. Her mother decided a sweater would be neat rather than a sweater. Fine with me and rather than using a pattern I am just coming up with my own.
Using worsted weight yarn in White, Mint and Pink. I like it and should be a good combination for a 2 year old. I cast on 80 sts with circs and am doing in round. Want the neck to be a little loose. She will be wearing it over other clothes and don't want it to be constricting around neck at all. Will see how it goes. Can always frog if I need to.
Physical therapy went well today. Back pain is way down and exercises weren't too bad to do. Got done early and didn't even use ice. I hope this is the start of an uphill swing. Overall it is better, hope it keeps up that way.


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