Thursday, September 30, 2004

When DH is an angel

Some days you just get so mad at your husband you don't know what to do, then they do something totally unexpected and melt your heart. Just like a little kid or something. I remember when my kids would do that, you have to try hard not to laugh and many times I have scooped them up and just given them a big hug. Anyway, to make it short, I came home from work today and my dear husband had cleaned kitchen done my laundry (correctly) and put dinner on grill right as I came in. In was so nice to be able to just relax for a few minutes after a long day.
I had worked 12 hours today and was really tired. He usually has martial arts on Thursday and so I don't cook anyway. Nice to come home to a hot meal though.
My ponchos are starting to get monotonous. I am finishing 4th one today! I insist upon it. Am going to start a felted bag for myself or maybe DD, depends how it turns out. I haven't done felting before, but the process is pretty simple.
I also bought yarn while visiting my aunt for a baby sweater and for the DNA scarf. I really want to try that and think it will make a nice pressie for either of my boys for Christmas. Nice and masculine and not boring. Having seen the one my friend Liz has been doing has encouraged me to bring it to the forefront of my list.
Am off work tomorrow so I will take pics of my new yarn and planned projects and see how it goes. Have also decided to do my 3 nephews and niece some mittens and hats and maybe scarfs for Thanksgiving when they come. I am hoping to take them to see snow. Being from Florida they have never seen it. It is a surprise though, so If you are reading this sis, then don't tell them. That way if I get behind, no ones feelings will get hurt.


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