Thursday, September 23, 2004

Busy, Busy, Busy

Seems like I have been busy every minute.
Up at 5 am, work by 6, get off at 2:30 normally (been working longer days this week), errands, home, cook dinner, knit, clean kitchen, knit while I watch MASH (old show, but I love it), then bed at 12 to 1 am.
Whew! wears me out just reading it and I live it. But seriously. I don't sleep much during week, just form of insomnia I guess. During weekends I get a bit more sleeping in. Good thing too or I would be really whooshed out.
Have finished 3 of 7 ponchos. The first 4 are the smallest, but the bigger ones aren't in such a hurry. Glad, but pink is getting boring. I may have to do something else in between for a bit of break up of color. I have a new poncho pattern that is for babies, cabled and really sweet. I think maybe a bright color for fun, or something.
I graduated my LAST physical therapy class yesterday. WHOOPEE! Really messes up my schedule to add something new to it. I have everything I need here to keep doing the exercises and they said when I asked that it would be a good idea. Want to keep from having those back problems again adn it will help if I can keep the strength up in other muscles and use them more.
Think I will do a pair of little baby socks. I have small bit of blue jeans regia left and they would make adorable baby socks. Will put them away for future grand. Not that I expect any soon, but will hope to someday. If not, then I can share with other family members babies.
Going to post a pic of sunset from this summer. Bill and I took weekend away and caught a beautiful sunset off the beach. Need some rest tonight. Going in to work early tomorrow and then driving to Aunt N's for weekend.
TA-TA folks.


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