Saturday, October 02, 2004

Project List Update/Collections

I have to figure out how to list this on side so I can see readily. I also thought it was time to revisit the list as it constantly changes and you never know what trouble I might get into.
As always * means in progress, # means deadline, if in red then is new addition and I need to be careful how it grows.

*Bright Socks for me
*Cottage Socks for me, my own design
*#Sweater for Genesis ASAP (completed but did not like, going to Goodwill and will come up with something new.)
#Poncho (Was a Sweater, her mum changed my mind) for Gracie birthday - Dec 17 (Completed)
*#Mittens for Jeannie for Christmas
Thistle Sweater for me
*#Chris's Quilt Graduation- already 3 yrs late
#Hand Warmers for Trina
#Tea Cozy Jean for Christmas
*#3 Blankets for Dorm before winter
*Red, White, Blue Afghan
*Sweater for Jean
4 pair booties/baby socks for girls at work having babies (one pair completed)
#7 sets napkins for Christmas presents
*Coaster Sets for Christmas
Poncho for Lacee --- completed
Poncho for Shay --- completed
Poncho for Precious --- completed
3 more ponchos for girls --- (Am I nuts --- all of them pink)
*Booga Bag purple, teal, gray and pink stripe -- ( I need something quick to work on and break up the monotony of pink)
#4 hat & Mitten sets for niece & nephews

There. Next list will have all current completed items removed and hopefully I can quit adding before Christmas. Or else I will be in trouble.

I was also wondering about my stash. I was wondering if I could guess how many skeins of yarn I own, but then that would mean I have to get it all out and count it. While I might enjoy seeing it spread all out at once, my DH would have a fit. There is too much there and really it needs to get used. LIke my fabric stash which vastly outweighs an elephant. And the bead stash. I think I should re-name everything. I am a collector. I collect yarn, fabric, beads, craft tools & gadgets, snowglobes, postcards, elephant figurines (with trunk raised), and cookbooks. And maybe I should add dust bunnies (big enough to make the Easter Bunny proud).


Blogger Liz said...

OMG Patti - how are you expecting to get that lot finished? Are you planning on a 48h day? Great blog BTW _ I read regularly but have only just registered to let me comment.

3:41 PM  

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