Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New Knit Group and Comments

Thanks for the nice comments I've been getting.
Liz -- not 48 hour days, but 10 day weeks.
Debiknits -- I can't find the label right now (it is stash someplace) is yarn I bought about year and half or so ago though. I have been enjoying these socks and they have been my traveling knitting project for some time. I don't know if I lost the label or if I just put it somewhere. If I ever find it, I will post it, but who knows when.
I have gotten both socks to start of toes. YIPPEE! Always goes fast for me at this point. I do so love to finish projects. Besides they have been on needles for way too long. This pair has taken me longer than any others I have done. I have even made afghans in less time. Will get to work on my cottage socks that I am designing. Will let you know as I go how that comes out.
Also went to Knit-in at my local yarn store. They have them every Tuesday from 4 to 8. I went last year a couple times, but wasn't so fun then. Store now has a new owner and was a blast. I always meant to go back and try them out, but with working long hours, my surgery last winter, and now hip and back, I was either too tired or hurt to much to want to go back out. Felt not so bad today and really enjoyed it. Hope to go to more of them, especially as Bill is at martial arts classes on that night.
Anyone understand this add-on things. I would like to put my comment things on side somehow and be able to answer that way. Also I want to put a list of current projects. This way I hope to keep them in mind and get more accomplished. I have lots to do and little time to do in, so better hurry and keep knitting. Anyone with advice, it wuld be appreciated from this computer illiterate tinker.


Blogger Sara said...

Thanks for the lovely comments to my blog! Yes, I am very happy about that rummage sale. It's amazing how quickly it makes the stach grow, though!
For the side list of current projects, I just edited the HTML of the sidebar, I can give you more detailed directions via e-mail if you're not big on HTML--also there's actually cute knitting progress icons at http://www.indigirl.com/knit_tracker/#add but I can't use them since my sidebar's too narrow.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Not 100% sure but I have a pair of socks in that colour and I THINK it was Clown which is 5048. They are known as my Mad Mummy socks!

3:36 PM  

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