Sunday, October 10, 2004

What a wonderful week-end. I finished my clown socks yesterday. I am so glad for that. I get real bored doing stockinette stitch projects and I think that is why I spent forever doing these socks. I even put them up for a couple months one time. I will kitchner tomorrow afternoon and then get a picture for here.
I also bought a mess of winter clothes for my nephew. He really needs some coming up here real soon, so I was lucky at a church yard sale. Got him 2 grocery bags worth for $2. All brand new looking or almost and exactly the right size. Didn't find any knitting stuff though. Darn!
Today my dear husband and I took day and went up to mountains. Walked around Dahlonega and drove around looking at scenery. Stopped at pumpkin farms and apple orchards. Found fried pies --yum (though they really do nothing good for my hips) and really had a good time. Napped in car on way home.
Really wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. Life is too short and I didn't get anything done this weekend. I still have laundry to finish and everything.


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