Friday, October 08, 2004

Georgia Sky

See my Sky shot. I took a sky pic this evening to share as Sandy asked for it. Not much really but here in the south we are just glad that there is no hurricane. Finished toe on sock. WHOO HOO! Have one more toe to go. Will be glad when it is finished. And I am going to master kitchner this time. I have been doing it right but I tend to puul too tight. Will watch myself and make sure I am not playing games with myself. I think I have decided I like the modified square heal. Jury still out on it. And I did heal flap for 2 3/4 inches, I think 2 1/2 will be better. won't know till I actually wear them so will see with time. If you knit socks you do want to get pattern down to fit you just perfect. Custom made socks for you feet, nothing finer and your feet deserve it.
Going to start hats for nephews this weekend. Will look through yarn and see what colors I have. Need 2 shades of blue for oldest 2 and then Duck colors for baby. Lacee bug I haven't made my final decision yet. Well off to finish sock and hunt through stash for colors. At least this way stash will get used up.


Blogger Sara said...

Ahh, the skies in the south. I miss them up here in the north!
I have yet to make myself socks, I'm afraid of my stinky feet!

6:07 PM  

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