Saturday, October 21, 2006

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Long weeks and Knitting again

I've been back to work two weeks now. Still having some problems with shoulder and lung. These things just take time. Healing is a process.
Been knitting some again, finally. Seems the anesthesia has finally cleared enough and my clumsy hands have finally got a bit of their 'mojo' back. It does feel good to do something again. I was messing up plain garter stitch before, 13 stitches becam 16, then 18, then 20 in only about 6 rows and I couldn't figure out why. Time to put knitting down. I still have to go back and fix that scarf. Posting pictures in a minute of current knitting. Am working happily on second sock in Petticoat sock pattern and also have started brim of hat. Hat has a cable brim and then you pick up stitches for the top. Is a nice look. I bought a lovely burgudy cashmere/wool blend for me. There is a matching scarf also. I am planning on doing this for DD for Christmas I think. I have some nice woolease she will like. She will just throw in washer so don't want to use hand wash stuff. Woolease is nice enuff for hats and scarfs and machine washable.
Also got 3 new spinning books that I ordered this week. Have scanned through but am looking forward to a good read. That and my Interweave Knits came in mail. Bill and I are planning on going to Highland games this weekend and also are working at the pumpkin patch sale at church tonight so I do have a busy weekend.
Weeks are long. Bill has very long days with commuting two hours each way to work. We have a lot to do towards fixing up house before putting on market. I really need to start getting some stuff sorted and packed. Bill wants to go ahead and put some stuff in storage so it will be easier and out of way. Plus we need to get rid of excess kids stuff that is here and they don't come and get or want. It has to go.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Back To Work

Started back to work today. Am sore tonight. I expected as much. Not quite as bad as I thought, but sore all the same. Ribs and lung are going to take a long time to heal from the surgery they did to it. Working 6 hr days this week, doing different stuff as they don't have enough work in price changes for me. Next week I don't know where I will be. After that I'll see.
Bill started his new job today also. Long day for him. He left this morning at and got home at 7. Very tired. Just going to relax tonight. Not much else going on.
We celebrated sons Birthday. 25 yrs old. Gave him my old car as he really needed it to get around for school. He has been driving it for 2 mths. We got me a used Toyota Avalon. Should be a nice little car.

Monday, October 02, 2006

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I've Lost It

And I mean IT. You know that stuff that makes knitting go smoothly. Spinning go smoothly. picture taking not turn out like something you want to flush down the toilet. (Well not quite all the pictures.) Doctors who don't listen. Cars that don't work. Clothes that don't fit. It wouldn't be time for a break, would it. Just what I prescribe.
I am finally getting myself back together from my surgery and all. Trying to get the rest of it in one piece. DH starts new job next week. I go back to work next week (GRRRRR). Hopefully that means my arm and shoulder and stomache muscles will cooperate and I will be able to hack it. In the meantime we are going to spend the next few days taking a break and heading into the mountains for a few days. Just a bit of relaxing and rest. We both need a break, the stress has been rough and it doesn't look to be letting up soon. I am taking a bit of knitting and a book and plan on putting my feet up. Still changing bandages so have to take it easy anyhow. Maybe when I come back I will of found it or it will have found me. Can't be anytime too soon.