Monday, October 02, 2006

I've Lost It

And I mean IT. You know that stuff that makes knitting go smoothly. Spinning go smoothly. picture taking not turn out like something you want to flush down the toilet. (Well not quite all the pictures.) Doctors who don't listen. Cars that don't work. Clothes that don't fit. It wouldn't be time for a break, would it. Just what I prescribe.
I am finally getting myself back together from my surgery and all. Trying to get the rest of it in one piece. DH starts new job next week. I go back to work next week (GRRRRR). Hopefully that means my arm and shoulder and stomache muscles will cooperate and I will be able to hack it. In the meantime we are going to spend the next few days taking a break and heading into the mountains for a few days. Just a bit of relaxing and rest. We both need a break, the stress has been rough and it doesn't look to be letting up soon. I am taking a bit of knitting and a book and plan on putting my feet up. Still changing bandages so have to take it easy anyhow. Maybe when I come back I will of found it or it will have found me. Can't be anytime too soon.


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