Sunday, July 09, 2006

Can I skip this week

some weeks things just keep happening. Chris broke his arm and tore a tendon completely through. No insurance and he may have to have surgery. This was Wednesday night. Since then he reinjured same arm and may have broke two more bones, one in wrist and hand. Also should of had stiches and has splint on index finger. Left hand and he is right handed but may be out of work for awhile at least as he will not be able to work as a cook like this. He is going to go try and see what he can do -- against dr's orders of course. But when you live paycheck to paycheck you have to do something.
Was my last week at work for a while. Am taking a leave of absence for mental health reasons. Started seeing a new primary care dr and the changes he has made in my basic medications have been good and I am already seeing an improvement. It is nice not feeling I should never have been born or wishing I was dead all the time, ---- I knew it was side affects of other med, but until I could get a dr to help me get everything straightened out I was sort of at the mercy of the system. It was one of those meds you can't just stop taking or it makes you even more messed up. Hopefully the new one will help, if not he plans on monitoring better and working it out. That is a good plan. I am also glad to see him work so closely with my other dr's on everything to see what is going on and find what is the best treatent for me. And least this week hasn't been a total bust.
Bought myself a nice new camera so hopefully will have some wonderful new pictures to share soon. Will post one of my neighbors horse and pasture. I like the picture. Little country and homey. Look for the flag. Fits the fourth of July week this past week well.


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