Sunday, September 10, 2006

Back to life again

Well I am back. Moving around a bit and getting a few things done. I was in hospital for a month, less than half of which I remember. Those who need to know do, the rest well.... we will see. I am not sure I really feel like talking about it. I have a lot more healing to do and go back in about 2 months for more surgery. So healing is name of game. Healing and gaining strength. I was in bed so long I had to pretty much learn to walk again. I still get tired out and have to use a cane at times or I would stumble. No driving and won't be for some time. Trying to get appetite back is the hardest. I didn't eat for a long time so hard to eat much at all, but it improves.
I am trying to do a bit of knitting and crocheting, but having to stick to simpler stuff. It seems like I mess up anything else. Going to try and organize some of the stacks of patterns and stuff. At least that will be an accomplishment and help the clutter around here. Tata for now.


Blogger Marilyn said...

Glad to see you are up and about again. Hope things continue to improve for you.

9:14 PM  

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