Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jean is home

For those who don't know. Jean is my daughter, but I think I have mentioned her enough you all should know her. Anyway she graduated with her undergrad degree in English this past spring and has found life to be continually exciting. Exciting as in she will be traveling soon. Traveling far, far away. My daughter has joined the Peace Corps.
She will be leaving the end of September for the Ukraine. In the meantime she is selling most of her excess worldly goods and moving home now that her apartment lease is up. She has pretty much planned joining for some time and is really excited about it. She will be a school teacher teaching English. She is starting to learn Ukrainian (?). She will be gone 2 years. I am very happy and excited for her. I know it is what she wants. It is great the way she has been able to travel and learn as well as help others. She is young and has so much energy. After her 2 years is up she has planned to come back and go to law school. Two years is a long time, but will pass quickly.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chris and Lisa

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Forgetful Me

I can't believe I forgot the most import thing that has happened in the last couple months -- and the most exciting! MY SON IS ENGAGED!!! To a real gem of a girl. Bill and I have been hoping he would ask Lisa for some time and are glad he did and even gladder she said yes. She has been a really positive influence on him and I can see how much he has grown and matured in the last 2 years. Well done Chris. Love you son.
Oh and now that I have found the battery charger I will shortly have pictures again.

Monday, July 07, 2008

ouchy and no batteries

ouch ouch ouch. I am so sore. I pulled a muscle in my leg -- the lateral quad muscle in my laft thigh actually. I did so working on the roof this weekend. No fun, but my DH is a big fan of two feet on the ground, so I went up on roof to paint the trim. Anyway, is some better this afternoon after Physical therapy. The therapist did some of his stuff and it helped out.
I have misplaced the battery charger for camera batteries so I am still unable to download vacation pictures. Stinks! I want to see my pictures of pretty beach sunset. And I need to take pictures of sock progress. I think it is time to clean and organize.
I also had bloodwork done this week at dr. Checking thyroid. Should get results soon. Hope it is my thyroid and not my heart. Will find out soon.