Thursday, June 29, 2006

On the knitting front

Bet you all think I forgot how to knit. I haven't. I have just been slow about it. Put some pictures up. Sock is mine, where I was at before my trip to Aunt's last weekend. Am now past the gussets and on the foot. -- homestretch as they say. Will put up another picture as soon as the camera batteries recharge. Hard to take pictures with dead batteries. There are two pictures of sweaters that Auntie made for her great grandaughter and was fixing to mail off. Both are adorable and Genesis will love them. She sure does enjoy her pkgs and wearing them.
Last night Bill brought me flowers and I couldn't resist sharing. I sure did love them. It means a lot when he does. He never was a person to do that and now when he does I know he has really made an extra effort to do so. These are beautiful and the colors are especially pretty. If you read this then Thank you double fold sweeti-pie!!!!

Roses from Hubby Posted by Picasa

Wonderful Wallaby by Nancy Posted by Picasa

Sweater set for Genesis Knit by Nancy Posted by Picasa

Sock in progress June 23 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bill and I on Isle of Palms

Bill and I on lse of Palms Posted by Picasa

Bill and I together Posted by Picasa

Bill in Kayak Posted by Picasa

Kayaking Trip

Bill and I had a wonderful Sea Kayaking trip in Charleston. 3 Days and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to doing it alot more in the future. Bill and I will still need to shop around for a kayak that I like and works for me. Hopefully we will get to start looking around before to long. We might find one used or some that works good as is what I like. But main thing is to find one that definitely has ballast.
Also lots of other places we can go kayaking and with the temporary use of my BIL's kayak, maybe we can go some more around within day drives and do some. I hope so as summer goes on.