Monday, March 15, 2010

Lobsters Flowers and Dishes

I was given some wonderful flowers and serving bowls for my miniatures by a friend I work with. She made the flowers herself and they are wonderful. I am amazed at the incredible detail that is in them. The bowls she had sitting around and so she brought them to me when she discovered I was playing with some miniatures. She also gave me 2 teasets, One a floral china and one that is like red cabbabe. Both are very nice. They might be a little big for 1/12 scale, but I may stick them in a cabinet somewhere anyway.
I found some cocktail picks with cute little lobsters on the end that were just perfect. I trimmed them off and now have my MIL's favorite dinner. She doesn't have a mini appetite when these are around though. Will have to serve them up soon.


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