Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I don't know what has happened to my last several posts. They were here and then suddenly this week they are gone. I know I hadn't put in a new one this month but what happened to the others is anybodies guess.
Since the others are gone, I will say that Bill and I had a wonderful trip to Greece. I will post pictures later when I am on other computer.
Knitting wise I am starting a sweater for Jean. Hoping to get it finished before Chris's wedding so she can take it back with her to the Ukraine. We are so glad she is going to be able to make it home for the wedding.
I am also wanting to do a shawl for Lisa, but rather doubt that will happen. Classes are starting again in 2 weeks and between classes and work, I just can't do everything I want to.
Well, will keep at it. Will post again later this week. Hope I can find my other posts.
may be a lost cause.


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