Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ashford Traditional

Forgot to say my spinning wheel was an Ashford traditional. It is a nice wheel and came with many extras. Many name their wheels. I wonder if I will name mine. Will have to wait and see.
My first day with my Ashford was wonderful. I spent the whole day spinning. I actually bruised my hand from holding it in the same position. Wasn't cramped but was bruised. Silly I know. Anyway, I spun two bobbins of white corriedale. I haven't taken a pictures yet, so will have to soon and get one on here. I really need to do some spinning more often. In the meantime there is my chemistry class.
I've been talking to Jean every week pretty much. It is nice to talk to her. I so enjoy it. Hearing about her time there is so fun. I am looking forward to seeing her this summer. I have to get my passport. I sent for my birth certificate and it arrived today. Will pick up an application this week and get my pictures taken and then mail it off. Will be one step closer.
A test this week in Chemistry. Am doing well so far. Hope I do well with this one.


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