Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have I forgettten

Seems like I have been too busy to remember to post here in forever. I've opened a few times and looked but not posted. I've thought about the things I wanted to say (which are now escaping me) and not posted. I've celebrated birthdays and holidays with my family and not posted. I've taken pictures and not posted. Whats worse is I've knitted and not posted. Now camera is dead and on charger and I have to wait to take any pictures before I can post.

On the completed list is 2 baby sweaters. and one hat. I know, not much, but then my knitting time is so limited. I hate not having any time to do any knitting or spinning. I mostly only knit during weekend movie time and spin between quarters at school.

I'm back to working on hats in waiting rooms at Dr's offices. The kids are always asking for them and I know they can use them. I also want to do a few extra up to take to Jean next year when we go. I figure she can take them bake with her to Ukraine and either wear them or share them. I am thinking she will like them. I may make her a couple scarfs too. She has the ones I made before she went to Japan, but not very many warm ones.

Classes last quarter went great. I got a B in Med Microbiology, and a C in General Chemistry 1. My first C. Bummer. But at 47 going back to school and almost completed my AA degree thats not too bad. I am only taking Chemistry 2 this quarter so my schedule should be a lot better. I hoe so anyway, last quarter was way too much on me. 5am to 10 pm every night plus studying and homework. probably had alto to do with me not blogging also.

I will try to get pictures later of at least hat. Baby sweater 1 is gone, but 2 is still here and then I can post. As soon as I can get camera off the charger. It will probably be under flash as the weather is very dark and cloudy and crappy today. But pictures anyway. And now that laptop is working and I am using it so much, maybe I can get on here more regular.

Oh, and anyone who is interested, Jean is a full-fledged teacher in the Ukraine now. She teaches the 3-11th grade. She teaches English. Bill and I get the luxury of talking to her regular and she seems to be doing well. Each week she has a story to tell. I should (if she doesn't) write these up as little short stories to be shared in a book or something when she comes home. They are fun, unique and would be such a great way to look back on her experiences. There is the story of the how the chicken chases the pony, butchering a pig or eating a pigs ear, this is America-right here, we don't sell no milk, and Spaghetti with hot sauce. She said something once about buying a coat, wonder about that story, also, don't tell me about cold. I expected that, growing up here in Georgia and then moving to the Ukraine was definitely going to be a big change in climate. I knew she would feel the cold. Next year year she will be prepared. Every new climate takes a year to get used to.


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