Monday, July 07, 2008

ouchy and no batteries

ouch ouch ouch. I am so sore. I pulled a muscle in my leg -- the lateral quad muscle in my laft thigh actually. I did so working on the roof this weekend. No fun, but my DH is a big fan of two feet on the ground, so I went up on roof to paint the trim. Anyway, is some better this afternoon after Physical therapy. The therapist did some of his stuff and it helped out.
I have misplaced the battery charger for camera batteries so I am still unable to download vacation pictures. Stinks! I want to see my pictures of pretty beach sunset. And I need to take pictures of sock progress. I think it is time to clean and organize.
I also had bloodwork done this week at dr. Checking thyroid. Should get results soon. Hope it is my thyroid and not my heart. Will find out soon.


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