Friday, August 10, 2007

Hot and the Door Was Open

Don't you just love hot summer days. I remember when I was young and lived in Greeley, CO. We could get in the Y pool for 50 c a day. It would be blistering hot and we would save up 50 c or collect pop bottles (yes -the days when we still had glass pop bottles) and put on our swimsuits and walk the mile or so to the Y to spend the day at the pool. Or as long as our mom would let us. I know as many neighborhood kids as could would get together and go as often as possible. Those summer days when there was no other way to cool off.
Well those days have nothing on us. This blistering heat would dry up that pool. We had one thermometer in town that actually read 112. I am not so sure how accurate that is, but I am sure the heat index was that high. It is currently 104 and sweltering. I don't want to do just about anything. I have to work, go to classes, clean house, but in this heat I don't even want to cook or eat. To top it all off the other day, the day of 112. I came home from work to fine my front door wide open. Let me repeat. My front door was WIDE OPEN ALL DAY. My dear and LOVING DAUGHTER left and instead of SHUTTING said DOOR, SLAMMED IT as kids are often want to do. So rather than shutting correctly, it bounced off the jamb and was open all day. Now at 21 she is old enough to know better. And when she gets back from her CRUISE TO MEXICO she WILL hear about it. But that is not all. When I got home, I found more than a wide open door, I had visitors. About fifty wasps had taken up residence in my living room. Needless to say we had an interesting party getting rid of those.
Now on to funner things. Have started a new pair of socks. Will try and get a pick this weekend. Also ordered some yarn to do some for Bill. He actually asked for some socks for him. I was surprised as he always said he didn't want any. It has arrived, so I may have another pair on the needles quick enough. Knitting time is much curtailed when classes are in. Will do what I can. Am off, Algebra is screaming.


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