Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy busy busy

Seems like I have less and less time. I haven't done any knitting in last several weeks. I am definitely behind in my project plans there. I finished the hat that my son B adopted (am so glad he likes it) and cast on another hat and that is about as much knitting as I have done.
I have however started playing in the beads again. I have been making beaded bookmarks. Most of them have crosses, but many don't. Just playing and having something to do. I have enjoyed giving them away as gifts. It does make me happy to share the things I make. I really enjoyed the way Bill liked them and even asked for one for a co-workers wife (she is always sending in food and stuff to everyone).
Been using the Y again. Enjoying that. Bill and I go together on Wednesdays usually. I am trying to go on Monday and Friday also. We have also both gone on diets. We were eating way too much junk food and really needed to quit and eat a lot healthier and better.
Will be registering for classes this week. Classes officially start first week of April. I am wondering how I will do at keeping my schedule together and how much or if I will have to cut back now at work or not. I am only going to take two classes for right now. May do that for 2 quarters, but no more than that. I really need to focus on it or I will not get finished. I can't wait forever. I want to do this. With no extra time now, wonder what extra time I will have then.


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