Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back to school

Went this week and picked up my applicatiopn for going back to school. Planning on going back to college. Plan has been in the works so to speak for a bit now. Am hoping to start Summer session or if not then next fall. Depends on what happens with moving and all. Am currently studying for SAT and ACT testing. After 27 years since I last took them I do need to brush up on a few things. The format has changed and I have spent a long time reading and paying attention to children not looking at books the way I did when a student. Some good review of some Math and then some studying of vocabulry and such and I will do ok I believe. I did well when I first took it years ago. My daughter says if I do better than her she is leaving home. I laughed, but maybe I shouldn't tell her if I do.
Spent this past weekend at my Aunt's. Had a good time as always. We enjoyed a good movie out. "One Night With A King", the story of Wsther from the Bible. Was very good. The scenery and costumes were very well done. The script was well written. I really enjoyed it. Nice to see a good movie that didn't have to resort to violence, sex, and bad language.
Knitting on a pair of baby booties as sample for yarn store. Also working on hat for me. I need to get another size 4 circular. Will pick up on Monday or make do with the one from my Boye interchangeable set. I don't particularly like the joins but it will work. I also need to work on Bill an hat. Longer than the last one I made. It was too short. He wants one that will fold over in a cuff.
Dr appt on Monday. I am supposed to find out when they will reverse the colostomy. Very soon I hope. Week after Thanksgiving would be ideal for me anyway. I hope so. Will have to wait and see.


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