Saturday, November 18, 2006

Surgery Date

Went to Doctor this week and got my surgery date. I will be having my colostomy reversal on the 28th. I have to be in hospital for 5 to 7 days. They offered to do it next Tuesday but then I would be in Hospital through Thanksgiving and I chose not to. I am kind of looking forward to getting this done and over with. It hasnt been that bad, but it being gone will be even better. I will be home till right at the new year which means I will miss the Christmas rush at work. Not complaining about that too much. I will also spend plenty of time knitting and studying for SAT test.
Have a lot of House work to get done today. Want to get most of it done today before Thanksgiving. I am off on Wednesday. I will do my grocery shopping then and rest of housework, then cooking on Thursday. Going Monday night to Atlanta to spend night and have a night out. Will be a nice break. Have to come back for dr appt at 11 next day, but that gives me plenty of time for a leisurely morning. Well, back to housework. It won't do itself, unfortunately. but I can wish.


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