Sunday, June 03, 2007

Have I Forgotten?

I have been totally remiss in blogging. I should be shot hung beaten taking a course in memory assistance or something to that effect. I think about it when I am in the middle of doing homework or driving to work or class. However that doesn’t get an entry written and sure leaves everyone in the dark.

School has been going pretty good, if you are interested. Computers class is great and I am breezing through with straight 100’s on everything. Is amazing how much I have learned and how much I didn’t know, but am picking it up quickly and enjoying it. English Composition and Rhetoric is a bit harder and I am not doing as well. Getting a high B. If I can pull a solid A off this next Essay and high A off final I might get an A out of class, but expect I will be getting a B. Is much more formal writing that I am used to and I don’t find that as easy as story telling and journal writing – who does – besides my daughter?

Have been doing a bit of knitting. Am most of the way down foot of 2nd sock on my Petticoat socks. Will post photo this afternoon. Am enjoying them. I am so slow a knitter with socks. Wanting to get out my spinning but really need to get some other things done first.

Bill got to go to Sarasota for work and then week later Cape Cod. Sure wish I could of gone. He did get a couple nice pictures. If I hadn’t had school, I might have gone. Would of loved to anyway. Lovely picture of sunset frim Lido Key Key in Florida that I will post as soon as I get off camera.


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