Sunday, July 29, 2007

Busy Week.

I feel like I am finally getting some knitting done. I had some minor foot surgery done on Friday. A large cyst taken off the top of my foot. I haven't been allowed to do anything but sit with it elevated, so what better excuse to knit and knit and knit. I have four finished projects. Granted, all of them need minor amounts of work to finish up, but I am glad to have them finished. four pair of socks finished. Two pair shown at left are two older pair that need to be darned. I finally tackled that. I had never done it before and while I knew how in theory, I kept putting it off.

I have another two pair completed. One in Wildefoote, color Rhapsody in the Petticoat Socks pattern. That pair is for me. The other pair is a small toddlers size sock and owner is as yet to be determined. I have cast on another new pair for me today in a Regia jacquard. Will be a plain knit which should go pretty fast. Bill even asked for socks tonight. I was surprised as he always said he wouldn't wear them before. Will have to see when I make them.


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