Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So a new month. Just when I think I have things caught up another whole month zooms by and I am wondering where did it go.
Thanksgiving was a good holiday here at The Ripley Castle, humble though it definitely is. We have many things to be thankful for; health, each other, lots of good things.
School is going well. I am enjoying it more. This quarter has been real pleasant. I recently did a presentation in my Humanities class and was real pleased to be able to do it on spinning. I shared a small bit on the history on spinning and then showed how to spin with a drop spindle. It was fun for and real nice to be able to bring my hobby into the classroom. I got an A on the presentation so that is good too.
Kids are busy. Jean and I have been ill, but on the mend. Boys are up to usual. Billy's car is broke down, so he is using mine for a week or so. I will be driving Bill's truck and he is driving a borrowed vehicle from a friend.
Not getting as much knitting done, but with school, I am not surprised, really cuts into any time.
Only other news is hubby's work. Company will probably be out of business before New Years. They have had meeting with employees already. Praying about and will see what happens. Can't do more than that. He is putting his resume out there and we will see what happens. In the meantime. Finals next week. So time to get ready. ...


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