Thursday, November 08, 2007

Busy With School

Been busy with school. Nonstop it seems. Been doing well though. Speech class goes pretty good. My speeches themselves have been great and I have gotten A's on those. I just wish I had done so well on the test. No one did well on the test though, so I don't feel so bad.
My Humanities class is fun and I really enjoy it. It is basically history after all. More culture related than dates. I have always enjoyed my history.
Been doing a bit of knitting, but not much to show. Just started another hat, gray with deep red stripes. Out of Woolease, worsted weight. Making it for Chris. I really like these colors together. I think he will enjoy them.
I wanted to make a sweater for Simon for Christmas, but I know I won't have time, so may just start on later in a size for next year. That way I can continue to work on Bill's socks and not worry about it.
Oh, and looking forward to a fun project for school. I have to do a ten minute presentation on something, anything to do with something in my humanities class. Topic has to be approved. To be done right after Thanksgiving. Anyway, I am going to do a bit on spinning and a little on it's history. Mainly the drop spindle, since it is the oldest. Am going to take one in and spin on it so they can see. Will pass one around so they can see. Also some fiber unspun and prepared for spinning. I want to get a bit of linen, since that is the first fiber known to have been spun. Will see. Not necessary but would be good none the less.

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