Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spinning Wheel Savings

The budget! We all have one. and with the economy it gets tighter. My husband and I have each allotted a certain amount of money for ourselves each pay period (two weeks) for lunch, books, spending , whatever. It goes quick. I am often picking up an extra loaf of bread or when I have class that will include me getting my dinner out as well. I try to include more in my grocery shopping, but you can only carry so many meals with you. And coffee is a must when you are out running 12 to 14 hours a day. Anyway, for several years I have wanted a spinning wheel, and for several years it was not going to be in the budget and I knew it. So for the last several years I spin on my hand spindles when between classes and hope for a wheel, but a year and a half ago I figured if I don't find a way to save for one I would never get one. So enter -- the box -- the spinning wheel box. Every payday I take whatever I have left from previous personal of $40. and put it in the box. It may be 50 cents or $5 but it is mine. Now I have almost $300. I am starting to get excited. At times I think, I don't need that and don't but some things, I don't need another book to read, not till I finish the last 4 I bought anyway. And I don't need a candy bar. I will buy healthier snacks and all. Some weeks I don't put in anything, but occasionally I have put in $20. that was a real boon.Anyway, at this rate I will keep saving and maybe this year sometime I will get a spinning wheel, if not it will be next. We have a LYS that sells wheels. I never get in there. With school and work I don't get much time except every once in a while. I am so looking forward to getting my wheel, but wheel keep saving a bit longer. Spinning wheel I am getting there.


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