Monday, November 29, 2004

Knit Update

My current project list is getting shorter. I don't know about getting it all done on time, but am working on it diligently.

Current project list. * means started # means deadline

*#Mittens for Jeannie for Christmas (Only one left, have already done cuff)
#Tea Cozy for Jean at Christmas
#Hand Warmers for Trina
#3 more ponchos for girls -- 2 Pink and 1 Blue
#4 pair booties/baby socks for girls at work having babies (one pair completed)
*#3 Blankets for Dorm before winter (sewn from fleece)
*#Chris's Quilt Graduation- already 3 yrs late
*Cottage Socks for me, my own design
*#Coaster Sets for Christmas (This is an extra -- if I have time)
Thistle Sweater for me
*Red, White, Blue Afghan
*Sweater for Jean
*Booga Bag purple, teal, gray and pink stripe -- ( I need something quick to work on and break up the monotony of pink ponchos)
DNA Scarf

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Family Gone

Well, my family had to go home. I am glad they came. It is fun for me to have them come. Hope they can come again sometime.
As you can see from the pics the hats fit. Gary through twirling it had pulled my end out at top, so had to do a fix and he is back and running with warning about tearing it up. Kenny and Gary like to wear their hats with brim flipped up. I made them plenty big enough towear that way or as a stocking cap, plus room for growing. I don't expect they will wear them out soon, especially in Florida, but promised new, when they outgrow them. Lacee and Devon like theirs. His will fit a good while, but she may need a new one next year for sure. Her mittens were way to big, but she loved them anyway.
Well, off to clean and do laundry. Bill and I are going to rent a movie and have some quiet time for us. He has to go out of town again tomorrow, so we wanted to spend some time together. The original thought was to go to mountains today or something, but this way we can still get laundry and other stuff done. Besides, apple pie for breakfast? Sounds good to me.

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Kenny with hat. Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Family coming -- Knit Ready!

My family arrives today. Bill is home. I am off work. I get to bake and knit (and blog here of course) all day. Is there a concept here? Of course there is. A day for me, doing what I love and sharing it with those I love. What could be better. Well, 3 more pair of mittens finished would be nice.
Seriously though. I did complete all four hats and am on 2nd pair of mittens. This pair is going slower, but will get done this weekend somehow. Rest will just happen or not.
I am so happy my family is coming that I don't know what to do first. Oh yeah, rescue my car! I went to knit-in Thursday evening and lost my keys in yarn store. Owner went home and won't be back till Friday. Meanwhile my Dear Marine (no longer) son still has my other set of keys on other side of country. So, there the car sits. Most of it can be worked out, but I hate to have to get someone to take me to work at 4:30 am on Friday. Oh well. Life happens and we must continue on. Well, off to get to my baking. Cookies, pies, cornbread stuffing and whatever else I can get into.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

I think I got it!

I think I finally have the sizing down right. It is really an adorable hat. I really wanted to use this yarn or I would of changed already, but I had decided that if it didn't work this time, I would. I decided to go with 2 strands and then it just seemed to work for me. It would of course been much easier to try on the boy to check, but as I didn't have that option, a guess had to work. I will be able to find out Wednesday if it is right or not. Looks right. Measurements I have match, so here's crossing my fingers.
Well, back to ponchos for tonight then maybe at least one set of mittens done tomorrow. Not sure about getting all done, but at least one more pair for Devon will be good.
Oh and guess what the girl done. She got out of classes and came home and cleaned house. She has also cooked my dinner. Nothing fancy but yum yum. Anything I don't have to cook and isn't fast food is a winner!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Cat and mouse

Don't you hate it when you don't have a camera when you want it. I cam home from work two nights ago and noticed through window Stubby one of our cats was up on computer table. Now this cat climbs on everything, except the computer table. One time she did and some sound from it blared and she hasn't been back since up there in years. anyway, I bent and looked in and watched, she was batting at the mouse back and forth. I must of watched a minute or two and she never quit. So I quickly open the door and the cat takes off. I go to computer and she was online and had opened about 50 windows. News, weather, knitting patterns, and was even in a chat. My sister had been on msn trying to talk to whom she thought was me. I had me a good laugh. The alltime surfer kitty awakes. Wonder if she will find more surfer kitty's to talk to. Guess I will have to make sure I quit forgettting to turn puter off in am. Definitely a good thing I don't pay dial-up minutes, I might be in big trouble.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Long week

Why is it that no store in this town carries basic Khaki pants for under $25. Now I know it is harder to find specific pants when you are a plus size, but this is getting old. Almost every retail place has a dress code of Khaki pants and some shirt or other. I finally found some at Goody's (have been hunting all week) at 29.99. Now that may be ok for some but I can't afford those prices. Seems ridiculous to pay that much. When you only make a small wage you can only afford small prices. Walmart used to carry Khaki jeans that I just loved and they really were comfortable and lasted well. No more. I haven't seen khaki womens pants in there in over a year. Seems strange when you consider that their dress code requires their employees to wear Khaki pants too. Oh well, guess I can't have it all (or in this case anything).
I have spent most of week shopping for pants with no success, I again ripped out Devon's hat. I had it all but closed at top and then after some comparison I found it to be too big, so over again. I must of knit this little hat aboout 5 times now. It should be right this time though. I certainly hope so. Haven't done much else. I need to get up in am and clean around here. It needs to be all done. I haven't quite finished with the things on desk, but will figure something out. J has been leaving her food and stuff lay all week when she comes home during day. I am going to have to get on to her for that. She is old enough to know better around here. I may be her mother but at her age, she shouldn't need a maid or someone to hold her hand.
Well, off my soapbox and on to some knitting. I got about about 4 more inches done on poncho. Was going to take pic but camera is not available. It got borrowed by the girl for something. It will be here tomorrow so should get some over weekend. In meantime, just keep knitting.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Devon's hat.

Am so tired this evening. Miss my dear hubby. He had to travel for a business trip, but will be home this weekend. In meantime, son and daughter are coming over so nice to see them.
I went to Knit-In after work today. Am almost done with Devon's hat. Really love how the color is turning out, but am thinking it is too big. I have enlarged it so many times, would be funny if it was too big now. Will have to check it against Lacee's and see how much I may have messed it up. Other thing is, do you put pom-pom on top of boys stocking cap. It is a little guy (age 2) but I am leaving it big enough he has room to grow, so should I or not. I am leaning towards not and then I can always add one if his mom this I should.
Have to go to work tomorrow morning early, so going to go to bed. Looks like a little problem is going to get straightened out. I am glad they are finally going to give me the training I've been asking for all year rather than just give me grief over the mistakes. I would rather learn to do it right in the first place. And wanted to since first of year. Well, now I need to get some sleep so I can get up in am. 4 comes awful early.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Completed Hats

I completed the hats for my 2 oldest nephews. I tried to post them yesterday and it wouldn't take for some reason. I think Gary and Kenny will like them. I played a bit with the color. I get bored just doing st st.
I cast on some Mexican Wave Royal for little Devon now. I love the color. It took me 4 tries to get the stitch count right for sizing. Oh hazards of doing your own pattern. I like doing it though and it I can't knit a simple st st circle without following a pattern now, then I need to hang up the needles.
Will start on mittens as soon as these are finished. I sure hope I have time to get all done.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Knitting List Update

I meant to post my list of projects and status yesterday and just realized I hadn't so here it is again. * means started # means deadline

*#Mittens for Jeannie for Christmas (Only one left, have already done cuff)
#Tea Cozy for Jean at Christmas
#Hand Warmers for Trina
#3 more ponchos for girls -- 2 Pink and 1 Blue
#4 pair booties/baby socks for girls at work having babies (one pair completed)
1 pair booties (Completed) (NOTE: don't drink the water)

*#3 Blankets for Dorm before winter (sewn from fleece)
*#Chris's Quilt Graduation- already 3 yrs late
*Cottage Socks for me, my own design
*#Coaster Sets for Christmas (This is an extra -- if I have time)
#3 hat & Mitten sets for niece & nephews by Thankgiving
1 Hat & Mitten Set (Completed)
Thistle Sweater for me
1 poncho Pink (Completed)
*Red, White, Blue Afghan
*Sweater for Jean
*Booga Bag purple, teal, gray and pink stripe -- ( I need something quick to work on and break up the monotony of pink ponchos)
DNA Scarf

Hat and Asheville Food

Camera betteries are dead. Wish I had realized it last night. I could of charged them and not had any troubles. I started one of my nephews hats last night. Lighter blue with a couple darker blue lines in it. I need to complete it today and at least start on the next hat if I want to even think I might get them done in time. I figure if I do all the hats first it won't be so drastic if I don't get all the mittens done. And if I am working on the last mitten or so when they get here they finish quickly in Worsted weight yarn. Again I am using Bernat Denim. I really like the feel of this cotton and it is not like they need protection from the snow really. Down in Florida they probably wouldn't wear woollies for anything.
I did get a bit of shopping in while in Asheville last weekend. Mast general store had those candies I think my aunt was looking for. Cinnamon Chews, coin shaped candies that her dad used to get for her and my mom when he babysat. After all, what else would they learn to play poker with. I also found a similar cherry candy. And a few other things I was surprised to see, but didn't get.
I bought an Irish cookbook. I love cookbooks. and the ethnic or little area cookbooks usually have some great recipes. There are several in here I want to try. We ate dinner one night at The Green Man, I think it actually has another name but we call it that for good reason and anyone who has been there would know what we meant. It is a microbrewery pub done all in an Irish style and with Irish food. YUMM! We usually go there at least once when there and also to Moose Cafe right in front of the Farmers Market. They do breakfast and lunch. Their breakfast can't be beat and their lunch is pretty good too. You won't be disappointed, just make sure you go with an appetite cause they serve portions even Texas would be proud of.
Well, camera batteries are charging so hopefully I will be able to get picture of hat later today and post it. If not, them I will tomorrow morning for sure.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Whew! It's been so long since I actually wrote something in here I think I might of been put up missing. My dear hubby and I had a wonderful weekend in mountains this past weekend. We went to Asheville and stayed. I put some pictures up of some of the things we saw while there. Really relaxing and pleasant. Weather turned a bit cold in evening and morning. Where was my jacket. Safely hanging in the closet. What can I say. I really didn't think it would get that cool but I should know better than to think.
I found the right colors for my knitted cottage socks -- green for grass and a proper color for front walk. More like painting with my yarn so the colors had to be right. Worked on them a bit, started the door. Am really enjoying them but really need to finish my hat and mittens. And ponchos. I have delayed long enough. To the grindstone or else 30 lashes with wet yarn.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

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Bobcat in NC Posted by Hello

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Marine coming home

Wash bedroom linens --- check
Grocery shopping --- check
Vaccuum unused bedroom ---- check
Make fudge --- in progress

My son is coming home! I am so excited. My son is coming home! I can hardly believe it. My son is coming home! He has actually been released from the Marines. My son is coming home!
Do I sound excited. My son is coming home!
Dear son went to check on his paperwork today and they told him, we are closing for weekend, lets release you now. Give me your id, etc., etc., and in just a few minutes he was done. No prior notice to arrange to go anywhere or anything. But at least he is coming home and won't have to go back. He is staying with a friend tonight and then off to stay with friend in San Diego for a bit.
His buddy is San Diego is being released on a medical discharge. He is partially paralyzed and his wife is 7 mths pregnant so he is going to help them move home before he comes home. I am glad he is helping them, but will be even happier when he gets here.
Now my only real issue is I don't have much time to knit. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I want to do it all. But there isn't a better reason for lack of knit time.
I will be going off for weekend. Dear hubby and I are going off for weekend. We had to cancel our trip on our anniversary way back in Feb to Asheville, NC due to blizzard, so we are going now. If I don't get in over weekend, rest assured I will be back first of week.
Oh and did I mention my son is coming home!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting & New Book

I voted today. Not really a big deal, and yet it is. After all these years I finally actually voted. Don't know why I was scared of it all these years. I have been able to vote for more than 20 yrs and scared of the process. Soounds silly, but at least I got over it. I just decided I was too old to be scared of something so silly. Worst that could happen is I would have to ask for assistance. Not a big deal, but it works. Anyway, I am so glad I went.
As you can tell from previous pictures, I recieved a new book in the mail. I ordered the book, just to knit the dress pictured on the back cover. I only wish I could wear it. At 200+ lbs (sad I know) I ain't wearing that, but my daughter will look wonderful in it. I am thinking of a nice teal or dark emerald green. Maybe a shiny midnight blue. A silk blend will look wonderful. Will sure be a special dress I think.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Cottage Socks

Well guys I am back. I had a wonderful and relaxing visit with my aunt. Hi Auntie. Really good food and learned a new recipe. Yum!
ground beef, rice, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, tomato juice, mix well, roll in cabbage leaf. Place in baking dish -- one layer deep, cover with chopped tomatoes and piecis of fresh bacon. Cover with foil and bake till bacon is crisp. (Check after 30 minutes in oven and make sure there is enough moisture in pan, if not add a bit of tomatoe juice to keep moist.) Baking time is about hour to hour and half depending on size of rolls.
Auntie is a good cook and I love learning new things from her.
I also revamped my 'Cottage Socks'. The ones I am designing. I really love how it is coming out now and have posted a pic of them. The colors are wonderful and I will be glad to share these once I get them finished. Amn enjoying the pattern and want to work on nothing else. I hope that is a good sign of success. Is in my book. Can't wait to get down to where I start putting in the door.

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