Saturday, November 20, 2004

Cat and mouse

Don't you hate it when you don't have a camera when you want it. I cam home from work two nights ago and noticed through window Stubby one of our cats was up on computer table. Now this cat climbs on everything, except the computer table. One time she did and some sound from it blared and she hasn't been back since up there in years. anyway, I bent and looked in and watched, she was batting at the mouse back and forth. I must of watched a minute or two and she never quit. So I quickly open the door and the cat takes off. I go to computer and she was online and had opened about 50 windows. News, weather, knitting patterns, and was even in a chat. My sister had been on msn trying to talk to whom she thought was me. I had me a good laugh. The alltime surfer kitty awakes. Wonder if she will find more surfer kitty's to talk to. Guess I will have to make sure I quit forgettting to turn puter off in am. Definitely a good thing I don't pay dial-up minutes, I might be in big trouble.


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