Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Whew! It's been so long since I actually wrote something in here I think I might of been put up missing. My dear hubby and I had a wonderful weekend in mountains this past weekend. We went to Asheville and stayed. I put some pictures up of some of the things we saw while there. Really relaxing and pleasant. Weather turned a bit cold in evening and morning. Where was my jacket. Safely hanging in the closet. What can I say. I really didn't think it would get that cool but I should know better than to think.
I found the right colors for my knitted cottage socks -- green for grass and a proper color for front walk. More like painting with my yarn so the colors had to be right. Worked on them a bit, started the door. Am really enjoying them but really need to finish my hat and mittens. And ponchos. I have delayed long enough. To the grindstone or else 30 lashes with wet yarn.


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