Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting & New Book

I voted today. Not really a big deal, and yet it is. After all these years I finally actually voted. Don't know why I was scared of it all these years. I have been able to vote for more than 20 yrs and scared of the process. Soounds silly, but at least I got over it. I just decided I was too old to be scared of something so silly. Worst that could happen is I would have to ask for assistance. Not a big deal, but it works. Anyway, I am so glad I went.
As you can tell from previous pictures, I recieved a new book in the mail. I ordered the book, just to knit the dress pictured on the back cover. I only wish I could wear it. At 200+ lbs (sad I know) I ain't wearing that, but my daughter will look wonderful in it. I am thinking of a nice teal or dark emerald green. Maybe a shiny midnight blue. A silk blend will look wonderful. Will sure be a special dress I think.


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