Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My wonderful Nephews

This past summer 2 of my wonderful nephews, (yes Gary and Kenny, I mean you) came and spent some time at my house. We learned a couple of things. 1)Aunt Patti means it when she says go wash. 2) Even sisters don't cook the same. 3) I ain't as young as I used to be. (Now boys, down where it says comments you can type in something in response, tell me something you learned.)
We did lots of things in short amount of time. One of the things we did was go to Desoto Falls in mountains. That was a great day. Being in Florida, mountains are a big change for them. Really though I loved having them and hope to again. I think it will be more fun if we can do one on one though. It is also going to have to be when they are able to stay by themselves during daytime. With me working and not having any older kids at home anymore, I just don't have anyway to take care of them. I felt really bad when my promised sitter canceled and I had no other options. Taking them home a few days early was not in my plans and was something I so hated doing. I hope they had a good time and want to come back though.


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From Kenny:

Aunt Patti can be very fun to be with. I can't wait until next time we get to come you your house, and do some more fun things. I love you, talk to you later. Say hi to everybody there for me.

From Gary:

I learned that Aunt Patti is the best Aunt in the world and that she hates flies. She likes to have fun. She likes the Georgia Bulldogs football team. She likes cats, but they get annoying sometimes. She loves all her kids and she likes Thanksgiving. She knows that all of the holidays are a very big deal. She loves us, but we love her more.

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