Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Winter Set completed

I completed the Winter set for my niece today. Yoppee! I think I will do a twisted cord for between them to go through the sleeves of her jacket. Will help keep her from losing them. I really like how they turned out. I only hope they fit. I know she will like the color.
The mittens knit up pretty fast. I knit the second mitten at Knit-in this evening. This Bernat Denim is a nice yarn. Really soft and works up really well. I don't think it will need any blocking.
We are having a pot luck at Knit in next week. I think I am going to take some pumkin bread and cream cheese. I do so love it this time of year.
I received the Neverending Card this time around. Got it back off right away. Guess I can't tell who to. Wouldn't want to give the surprise away. They asked who sent it to me and I just can't remember. Will have to ask whomever gets it next as I just can't remember.


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