Friday, October 15, 2004

What a day!

What a day! Sure is a good thing I didn't work today or I would still be sitting in line somewhere waiting to get it all done. I was SUPPOSED to get a 3 day weekend and spent most of today doing errands and it looks like tomorrow will be the same, errands and cleaning.
Started with DH calling me at 8:00 on the dot. The nerve, just because I am up every weekday at 4:30 does not mean that I am not entitled to a day of sleeping in just a little bit.
"Call the dr for me." Now, he finally showed me this big red angry looking lump on inside of right elbow on Wednesday. I immediately said, cellulitis, call dr and go in, will only get worse. Does it hurt? Obviously not enough to make him call. Thursday night, he shows me again. "Do you think I should do something to it?" Call the dr is bad looking and very red. You are going to have a big problem if you don't. This morning (finally he decides to go) he asks me to call. So, dummy me, I do. They are walking in door and I get them and answering service both. Can't hear so I have to redial. I tell them what is up and they say, get in here and let me look at it now. So I call DH back and get "I don't know if I can leave now." "Well, call them back yourself and tell them when you can, I can't answer for you if you won't listen." So, he actually calls me back, can you meet me there. I don't know what he is going to do and you may need to drive. So, no shower, throw on clothers and run out door to his rescue. He didn't need me, but it was cellulitis and at least he is on antibiotics for it now.
Quick look at clock tells me I am late and have to pick up the girl and take her to work. It will be so good when she gets HER OWN CAR! I make it and even get her to work on time. Now I must wait for her to get her paycheck and give to me, so I can deposit at bank for her. She has no car and no way to bank, so mom must do. At least it is the same payday as mine and I use same bank.
I go by work and get my check, and slam hand in car door. Now when finger is as big around as a soda bottle, something is wrong. Back to dr, go get x-ray, broke the D@#$ thing. I could of told them that already. Too swollen to tape so they immobolize the whole hand. YUCK! It is now 12:30 and I am starving.
But off to the bank, forever trying to sign my check, finally went in to the girl who knows me and let her see my hand and write my initials and deposit, and even got a bit back for me. I gotta eat after all. So off to gas station as car is running on fumes. Now to go pick up lunch and take to the girl. She can't go hungry, heaven forbid. I eat too while in car.
Off to yarn store to get that wonderful yarn I wanted for nephew's hat. Only, I forgot to check, isn't machine washable so get something else. Mexican Wave in Blue Royal. I think it will work nice. They didn't have my metal size 5 dpns so I run back out. I was there maybe ten minutes. My only ten minutes for me all day.
Down street to get oil change. DH wants it done at 10 minute place. Fine - does he realize they are more expensive, probably not, but I don't care, I just want it done and no one else had an appt time open. Took 45 minutes.
Now I understand that there was a car in bay ahead of me, but this is ten minutes right. So even at 15 apiece I should of been gone. I run by dept store to get a new dishpan to replace one I gave to Jean from under sink in bathroom. I use it often and want one around. Finally I can go home and get some knitting done. I walk in door at home and it is 3:45. Where did my day go, don't they realize I still have stuff to do around here.
I call DH to let him know I am home. "I am leaving here now if you want a ride back home you have to take your car back up to the girl now. She needs it tonight." Can I at least unload my stuff first. Well, threw part of it in the front door and off I went. I get there and the girl says 'why didn't you just stay here?' I give scathing look and am glad no one else is around as I try to reach for her hair. She is on to me though and knows she doesn't want to be bald. DH comes in 10 minutes later carrying cup of cappuchino from my favorite place. "Where you been? I've been waiting for you" And the cup was empty, he drank it. Grrrrrrrrrr!
So while I got nothing much done today I have driven 80 miles and lost my temper 3 times. I think a hot soak is in order. And then to relax. Only one problem, I CANNOT KNIT!


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