Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It ate it

I didn't doublecheck last night, but looks like my blog ate my post. It may show up next week, but if after 24 hours then I bet it is gone.
I had a wonderful time at the knit-in last evening. It runs from 4 to 8 on Tuesday's and she doesn't care that I come early. I get off work at 2:30 and it is just down the street from work. If I come home first it is half an hour each way and not worth it. She has a good diverse group of kniters, I am really enjoying the time with each and getting to know new ones. She has nobody with any sockknitting experience and the previous owner had taught sock knitting. So those that had begun learning to knit them are now just plain stuck. The store has only been open about a year now, and is the only store in our area at all worth mentioning. So as I knit socks, there are a couple who brought their unfinished projects to me and had me help them. It was fun for me and I really enjoy helping them. The owner has also asked if I would be interested in teaching a sock class.
I am rather flattered to be asked. The extra money for my vacation next spring will be nice. I think I will do it, but have lots to prepare for. We talked about waiting till after Christmas. That gives everyone time to finish projects that they have going for Christmas too. I also want to make up a few sample socks of my own work for sharing. I also think that doing one with the different parts in different colors would be good for explaining what I am doing in each step.
Classes will be three hours long, so I think doing a small sock would be the best way to go. This way they can see, do and get help through all the steps of making a sock. Then they can go home and repeat process with their own sizing. I also plan on continuing with the Knit-ins and can always finish up. Also she mentioned the possibility of a follow-up class for anyone needing/wanting additional help. I think dpns are the way to go. Later maybe a demo night for 2 socks on 2 circs.


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