Saturday, October 16, 2004

Where there is a will...

Where there is a will, there is a way. The thought of 6 weeks with no knitting is too distressing to bear. I could see teetering levels in my blood pressure, my cholesterol and my temper. So now that swelling is down. I sat and worked at it till I figured out I could knit. And still getting same tension as before so that is good. Not quite as fast, but that list has to be reached and worked on somehow. The previous hat I started for my niece in Mexican Wave, has gone to the frog pond. Besides turning out too big, I was not happy with the color lay out and think the yarn will be batter for a diagonal scarf. So I went and found in my stash (Yippee) a skein of Bernat Denim in the pink color. I have started again and really like this yarn for this. I do think the pattern I am working isn't right yet, so below pic will go to frog pond and be started over in new stitch pattern. I am making up my own pattern, so I guess a few restarts are not too worrisome.
Also am continueing to work on the pink ponchos, picture is of #4 in the works. I am trying to work on it diligently and then reward myself with a bit of other knitting at end of every day. Just enough to get me off the pink and not get sick of it. At least I am knitting some and on Monday I should get this blasted hand splint off and be able knit better, although I will still have the finger splint. Ant least with swelling down it hurts a ton less.


Blogger Sara said...

Sorry to hear about your finger! Amazing the ingenuity knitters come up with to feed the addiction :)

8:02 PM  

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