Monday, October 18, 2004

Knitting & Car

I got a good bit done yesterday. I did end up frogging the hat for niece and starting over. Much simpler design and I really like it. Completed hat and one of the mittens. Also completed three more pattern repeats on poncho. Coming along very well. I really do like the yarn and it has a nice soft comfy feel to them.
J came for dinner last night. Sure was nice to have her. Her father took her to look at a car. We had already seen it and needed for her to check it out. She really likes it so B is having our mechanic check it out before we actually buy it. With used cars you do want to be sure. Especially with a young driver that doesn't have a clue. She will learn about all kinds of things coming up on it. We do know it needs 2 new back tires. Engine looks nice and clean and seems to of been well maintained. Is a 95 Nissan Altima. Has 149,000 miles, but with most foreign cars they take the miles much better than the American made ones. I think it will be a good little car for her. It is the first one in 2 mths that B said he would consider.


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